lundi 16 avril 2012

The Bouba N'djida elephant massacre!

One of the Eco-guardian said: the Bouba N'djida elephant are killed since 4 years (camnews24, 14/03/2012)

Local populations help poachers from Sudan and Chad by showing them the areas where the elephants were hiding. Indeed, the source said on condition of anonymityn people were tired. For years, they complaints about the damage caused by these pachyderms regardless of the Cameroonian authoriries. Elephants regularly destroy their fields and put them in a situation of mass starvation (Le Septentrion Infos)

The number of elephants killed 128, according to the Cameroonian government or that of 480, according to park management indicated by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) should properly be placed on the back of the Cameroon government has not taken on time, drastic measures to avoid the worst despite the cries of alarm associations, NGO's and Western States.

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  1. We saw on the TV biologist from around the world this is good, but why there were few scientist from africa to solve this problem. something scientist are not using guns how is possible for them to stop this? the debate is open...