mardi 8 mai 2012

Big Snakes (Python) also suffer from Bush meat

Bush meat is a great biodiversity threat in my country Cameroon. Big snake are also concerned by this threat.

On this video you can see a Python killed and sold by some villagers in the road Nanga-Yaoundé in the Centre region of Cameroon. This one have been bought for 35.000 CFA Francs (US$ 70) by a friend. It was a male of approximately 6 meters long. This species didn't have luck to come across a villagers.
The greatest threat of snakes is due to villagers believes, then in Cameroon when a snake of this size is found; there is no way of mercy! Because the snake is considered as a man who has take the appearence of a snake (Gri-gri, Totem) to hurt people or something else. It could be advised to build a little educative program for local people, to sensibilize them about what to do they see a snake, and his importance in the wild.

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